Digital PR

Signifying the field of marketing, Digital PR plays a vital part to restyle the news messages and media for specific audience. Bworld can give you the best. We constantly make sure enduring impressions on every touch according to the motto of our department and that’s how we always persist as a foremost digital media agency. We promise to construct your company’s reputation in advertising the brands or products online. We give preferences to the best public opinion and customer experience. And our successful team is invariably capable to establish sound and best relationships. Aside from other public relations firms, we are not eager to make ourselves as digital. But we continuously concentrate on how a true digital PR agency can bring excellence to your line of work.



•    Message development – Brainstorming techniques and ideas that act as a guiding principle for every communication to the desired audience.
•    News releases – Finest way of empowering the public know about your company and its advancement.
•    Database Development – Building and maintaining databases of target audiences’ contact information.
•    Media relations – Tie-up between organizations and journalists for regular updates on newsworthy initiatives.
•    Website News Room– Undertake and perpetuate online media.
•    Editorial support – Provide quality editing and help to ensure consistency of messages, brands and positioning.
•    Press Kit – Crafting content and informational items for press kits with updated and original data.
•    Case Studies – Gathering and analysing customer and partner success stories as case studies and testimonials.
•    Media Coordinator – Serving as an external contact in coordinating requests and function as a supporting communications department
•    Speaking Opportunity Programs – Determining speaking opportunities at conferences, association meetings and other appropriate gatherings in various venues.
•    Newsletters – Producing routine or one-time email newsletters to communicate the recent brand info with target audiences.
•    By-Lined Articles/Customer Stories – Developing and placing by-lined articles in key trade publications.
•    Government Relations – Communicating with decision makers at the Federal, State and local levels.
•    Viral Public Relations – Providing a steady flow of content to these virtually untapped resources.
•    Competitive Research – Researching analysing the market position and progress of competitors, evaluating their strategies and actions.
•    Attention-generating Events – Orchestrating a major announcement by using an established forum such as a trade show or creating an event such as a seminar, teleconference or Webinar.
•    Media Training – Providing guidance on effectively dealing with the media.
•    Crisis Communications – Developing a PR crisis communications plan.
•    Employee Relations – Establishing an active employee based communications program.
•    Press Tour – Arranging a media tour of target media.
•    Marketing Initiatives – Directing and coordinating marketing initiatives including development of collateral materials, direct marketing and direct mail programs, online marketing efforts, telemarketing and prospect database development.

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