Our Team

We are a cluster of think-alikes sharing a common passion for anything that is digital and online. We work in tandem with the ever evolving trends in digital media management

Bini Joseph Puthen

Director & CEO

To take off any daring challenges, the root must be strong. Bini Joseph is the sachem and fuel that turns the creative wheel in here; the ‘Master Brain’ of the mad world.

Ajith Hariharan

Chief Operating Officer

Every team needs a stalk that keeps the branches together shooting an inclined growth, which is in his pulse and synergy. Being the one, Ajith Hariharan is the smart-kicker and nerve of our team.

Asha V Nair

Manager - Administration

Asha V Nair is the all-rounder of the team. A dexterous player in the team, she sweeps across various sections to bring the efforts into perfection.  She is the person who keeps the wheel spinning without missing any nails, even the smaller ones.

Robi Ambady

Graphic Designer

The man who makes magic happens. Robi Ambady is an artist in his very blood. He is the one who adds hue to our canvas by designing out dreams into reality.

Jayasree Binu Kumar

Account Executive (Social Media)

Adding the fun flavour to the lot, she is the super bolt energy spun, the catalyst that makes the magic happen. Jayasree is the one who keeps everything in its place.

Noufal MM

Creative Co-ordinator

The magician with a wand, Noufal M shapes the videos into movies with a wave of his hand. He moulds out a creative and imaginative piece of film from any stock of raw footage.

Ajay Antony

Content Writer

Bworld’s resident wordsmith. Gifted with the talent to conjure vivid imagery and words from thin air, Ajay is our content generation machine.

Martin Johney

Admin Assistant

The DJ of the dance floor, the man of action, Martin Johney is a relentless source of energy that keeps the engine running.

Jisha Gean

Manager (Publications)

Merin c babu

Assistant Manager (Social Media)

Sonia Rajesh

Assistant Manager (Social Media)

Hepsibah cherian

Business Development

Pragit Parameswaran

Manager (Social Media, Content)

rahul balan

Graphic Designer